Dragana Jokić


Dragana Jokić
Born in 1966, in Belgrade, Serbia.
Member of ULUS from 1993
mobile:+381 63/368-638
email: ars@draganajokic.rs
Obtained a BA degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, in the class of professor Milica Stevanovic.
Obtained a BA degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade.
Obtained a Master of Arts degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, in the class of professor Milica Stevanovic.
Currently enrolled in the Doctoral Degree Program at the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade.
Obtained the title of Independent Artist in 1991.
Member of ULUS (Organization of Fine Artists of Serbia) since 1993.
Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

Solo exhibitions

2016 Painting exibiton with Aleksandra Horvat at the Gallery 96, Prijedor, Republika Srpska
2014 Painting exhibition at the gallery of the Djura Jaksic House, Belgrade
2013 Painting exhibition at the ULUS Gallery, Belgrade
2010 Painting exhibition, gallery of the Army Cultural Center, Belgrade
2007 Painting exhibition, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade
2003 Painting exhibition, Gallery of KNU - Kolarac National University,Belgrade
2001 Painting exhibition, Yugoslav Arts Gallery, Belgrade
1998 Painting exhibition, cafe-gallery Luca, Belgrade
1995 Master of Arts Painting exhibition, Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
1994 Painting exhibition, Gallery of KNU - Kolarac National University, Belgrade
1992 Painting exhibition at the cafe-gallery Omen, Obilicev Venac, Belgrade


2015 Author of the book Arquiteto, editor ,Convite à Música, Santa Comba Dão, Portugal
2014 La Arquitectura, Colección: Descubre, Editorial: Panamericana, Bogotá Colombia, autor
2013 Author of the book Architecture, published by Creative Center, Belgrade

Work Experience

1996‐2000 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture ‐ Associate consultant at the Department for Urban Technique and Composition, Art History Department and Projecting Department.

Relevant information on work and development of lecturing as well as other activities of the Faculty

In the academic year 1997/98, as associate consultant at the Department for Urbanization of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, initiated cooperation between the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts and the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture. The cooperation entailed experimental education based on research and design for Cvetni Trg (Flower Square) in Belgrade. The cooperation between the two faculties was furthermore initiated through visiting lecturers.

1998‐2003 Art teacher for painting, drawing and experimentation in artistic impression at the Little Montmartre School for Drawing and Painting in Belgrade, Serbia.
2005-2010 Associate at the Architectural Studio HV COMFORT, Belgrade, Serbia.

Awards and Scholarships

1998 First Prize (as equal‐rights author, along with Prof. Svetislav Licina and Prof. Svetlana Batarilo) at the international contest of member countries of the Association of Architects of Central and Eastern Europe ASSEE, for urban‐architectural design solution for the housing units 25 nd 26 in the central New Belgrade zone ‐ investment company: GP Napred and Energoprojekt‐Holding
1997 First Redemption at the Urbanization‐Architectural Contest for the central region and railroad square in Pec; team of authors: prof. Dragana Bazik, Vladimir Kulić, Vesna Mujičić and Dragana Jokić.
1991 Exhibition of award‐winning works of art; redemption prize for mosaic by the JIK Bank, Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade.
1992 ‐ 1995 was awarded the scholarship of the Republic Foundation for the development of scientific and artistic youth.

Participation in art colonies

2004 Attended and participated in the Art Colony Zobnatica, Serbia.
2003 Participant of the Art Colony Vrsac 2003, selected by Nikola Kusovac, which ended by the exhibition in the Vrsac City Museum.
2001 Participant in Children's Art Colony Sirogojno as a teacher of painting and drawing of the Little Montmartre Art Studio, Serbia.
1999 During the stay in Budapest, Hungary, worked as a teacher of drawing and painting within the International Children's Art Colony Sent Andreja '99. The Colony ended with the exhibition in the Sent Andreja City Hall, which was later transported to the SULUJ Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia.

Other relevant activities - design

2008 Graphic design for the book covers for the textbook "Workbook of diseases in dogs and cats", by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Belgrade.
2006 Graphic design for the book covers in veterinary medicine, "X‐ray and Endoscopic Diagnosis of Digestive Systems Diseases in Dogs and Cats", by the authors prof. N. Krstic and V. Krstic.
2000 Illustrated the book in veterinary medicine "Pets and Your Health" by the authors prof. M. Lazarevic and prof. N. Popović.
1996 Illustrated the book of poems "Alone, Together" by Danica Zelenovic Kicevac.

Miscellaneous related activities

1999 Engaged as a teacher of painting and drawing at the "Children's Rights Center"
1990 Took part in the preparations for the exhibition in the SANU Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia, entitled "Photography within the Serbs": glass paintings for the SANU Gallery window, Belgrade, Serbia.
2000‐ 2004 Author of booth design at the Belgade Fair for the Knauf Company, Belgade, Serbia.